Presenting an Innovative Working Capital Elevation by TeamSec for the Turkish Business Landscape!

It is with immense enthusiasm that we unveil a cutting-edge working capital solution, meticulously crafted by TeamSec, specifically tailored for the thriving domains of Turkish industry and commerce.

We are delighted to share that TeamSec's distinguished infrastructure and consultancy services have been exclusively chosen to orchestrate the securitization of Arena Bilgisayar's accounts receivables through the "Fibabanka A.Ş. Arena Bilgisayar First Asset Finance Fund."

At TeamSec, we're dedicated to empowering businesses with revolutionary financial solutions. Our Securitization as a Service is not just a service; it's a transformative experience. This avant-garde financial software and infrastructure offering provides a viable alternative to conventional financing avenues like credit, leasing, and factoring. It equips our valued corporate partners with direct access to the vast potential of capital markets while simultaneously fostering healthier, more robust balance sheets, an outcome unparalleled by traditional methods.

As TeamSec Financial Software, Infrastructure, and Consultancy, we take pride in contributing to the development of new Turkish Lira products, supporting Istanbul's emergence as a financial hub, and aiding in the growth and deepening of our capital markets. Over the past two months, our Securitization as a Service infrastructure has facilitated financing worth 45 million dollars, and we will continue to provide infrastructure and consultancy services to institutions in need of working capital.

With the esteemed approval of the Capital Markets Board (CMB), we now mark the successful culmination of the inaugural phase of this groundbreaking journey. In doing so, we herald a new era in working capital solutions within the heart of Turkey.

Stay connected as TeamSec embarks on an inspiring odyssey to redefine financial possibilities and chart a dynamic future. 🚀