As TeamSec, Turkiye's only cloud-based securitization-as-a-service provider, we take pride in being one of the pioneering fintech companies in the global securitization industry. We are thrilled to have introduced securitization-as-a-service for the first time in Turkiye, partnering with İşNet, one of the leading brands in the information technology industry, to deliver this cutting-edge solution.

Our Founding CEO, Esad Erkam Köroğlu, firmly believes in the crucial role of integrating financial services with cloud technology, both on a global scale and within our country.

He recently stated, "We harness the power of İşNet’s cloud infrastructure with new generation technologies to provide secure and reliable services for our clients' securitization requirements. With our cloud-based infrastructure, we ensure seamless accessibility, data protection, and scalability, enabling our clients to focus on their core business with confidence. At TeamSec, we are committed to revolutionizing the securitization landscape, empowering businesses with efficient and secure solutions for their financial needs."

Mehmet F. Can, the CEO of İşNet, which continues to grow by keeping the satisfaction of its employees, customers and business partners at its center with its

“Technology for Human” approach, conveyed his thoughts on this cooperation with the words "We are excited to collaborate with TeamSec on Turkey's first securitization as a service project. With the assurance of İşNet and TeamSec, we accelerate organizations' technological transformations and contribute to enhancing their competitive strength. As İşNet, we provide end-to-end information technology and infrastructure services.

With our security-enhanced, scalable, flexible, fast, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure, tailored to meet the expectations of organizations, we ensure that they can provide uninterrupted services with high accessibility and performance.”

This strong agreement between TeamSec and İşNet will provide highly beneficial services to the financial technologies industry in the near future.