TeamSec, Merging Digital Asset Ecosystem with Securitization, Receives Innovation License from Dubai International Financial Centre

TeamSec, the first and only financial technology company in Turkey and the Middle East to offer securitization services supported by artificial intelligence and cloud technology, has received an Innovation License from the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), merging digital asset and securitization fields with its innovative vision.

The project under this license will focus on three core innovations:

  1. Tokenization - Digital Asset Transformation: This process involves transforming traditional financial assets into digital tokens (tokens) using modern technology. This innovative approach will enable the evolution of physical assets or rights into digital assets that can be securely and easily transferred through blockchain technology.
  2. Digital Asset Platform - Doors to Smart Finance: The platform that TeamSec will develop will facilitate financial transactions using smart contracts and advanced technologies, enabling users to make smarter and more effective decisions in the financial world.
  3. Instant Reconciliation - Fast and Reliable Transactions: TeamSec will initiate a new era in financial transactions. With the instant reconciliation feature it offers to its users, investors will now be able to buy and sell their securitized digital assets instantly (t+0) and have the opportunity for reconciliation.

“We will be offering a revolutionary innovation for the finance world”

Esad Erkam Köroğlu, the Founder CEO of TeamSec, commented on the matter: "We are finalizing a groundbreaking solution that fills the existing gap at the intersection of digital assets and securitization, thus offering a revolutionary innovation for the finance world. The Innovation License we have received from the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is not just a certificate of approval, but also a step that will change the rules of the game on the global financial stage. While our patent process for our newly developed solution continues, we aim to bring more transparency, trust, and accessibility to the financial world with this solution that we will be presenting for the first time worldwide. This is more than just a success story; it is a journey that will shape the future of financial technology.”

Having achieved a remarkable milestone in securitizing $155 million in Turkey over the past five months, TeamSec is set to make waves in the UAE and Middle East with its upcoming transaction volumes. This Innovation License is a testament to TeamSec's rising prominence in international financial technology, enhancing its global recognition and growth prospects.