TeamSec Securitization as a Service Receives Investment at $42 Million Valuation

TeamSec, the pioneering Turkish regtech & fintech company offering AI-powered and cloud-based Securitization as a Service has achieved a valuation of $42 million, signifying a pivotal moment in the company's journey.

With its innovative approach to integrating cutting-edge technology into securitization transactions, TeamSec has garnered a valuation of $42 million, reflecting its strategic direction and potential within the industry. Accomplished angel investors from various sectors have recognized the potential of TeamSec's vision and joined forces to support its mission.

Elevating Securitization Services: A Global Leap Forward

TeamSec's tech-driven approach has played a pivotal role in advancing securitization practices in Turkiye. The company's aspiration to redefine conventional securitization practices on a global scale is reinforced by its expert team and powered by AI and cloud-based solutions, ensuring efficiency, security, and adaptability in enhancing operational effectiveness.

At the heart of TeamSec's portfolio is its Securitization as a Service (SaaS) product, a comprehensive digital platform that revolutionizes the end-to-end securitization process. SaaS not only enables financial institutions to optimize capital adequacy ratios by reducing risk-weighted assets but also empowers non-financial entities to enhance working capital management and debt ratios. With a focus on flexibility and seamless integration, TeamSec assists clients in selecting optimal receivables for securitization through AI-driven insights. The platform also offers features such as Special Purpose Fund (SPV) setup and management, real-time reporting, accounting integration, instant and batch API options, and swift integration. These capabilities enable clients to achieve regulatory compliance, optimize securitization operations, and elevate overall business performance.

Strategic Global Expansion and Market Penetration

Since its inception, TeamSec has redefined securitization services for leading banks and private sector firms in Turkiye. Fueled by this valuation milestone, TeamSec is poised to accelerate its growth within the Turkish market. The company's strategic vision involves reinforcing its experienced team and intensifying marketing initiatives to expand across strong securitization markets such as the US, China, Europe, Canada, and the Gulf Region.

TeamSec's unique blend of technological innovation and operational excellence has already captured the attention of global financial giants, cementing its reputation in international markets.

Founder and CEO of TeamSec, Esad Erkam Köroğlu, expressed his enthusiasm for the company's achievement, stating, "We are thrilled to reach this significant juncture in our journey. We take immense pride in being the sole startup in our region and one of the select few globally pioneering Securitization as a Service (SaaS). Turkiye’s burgeoning potential in the securitization market sets a promising stage for our global expansion. With this valuation, our aim is to extend our reach to global markets, providing end-to-end digital securitization services to our clients worldwide."

Köroğlu highlighted TeamSec's accomplishments, including securitizing over 130,000 individual loans exceeding TL 1 billion and establishing infrastructure with international banks to offer tailored working capital solutions to exporters. Additionally, TeamSec plans to facilitate exporter financing through the securitization of foreign currency export receivables.